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For Candidates

We are a retained search firm

exclusively focused on C-level roles

responsible for end-to-end customer experience.

Why Us?

We vet prospective clients to ensure that their culture is truly customer-centric. 

We carefully curate opportunities where a CX professional can thrive:

Opportunities with strong board and CEO support...

Opportunities with brands that are deeply committed to delight at every stage of the customer journey.


Our advice is always based on insight into your career goals and ensuring highest alignment with a prospective company's vision, mission, and culture. 

Business Meeting
Image by Marten Bjork

How We Work With You:

Please share your info with us, using the form below.

We will contact you when we have an open search that is a potential match.

Candidates are then asked to sign an NDA before we discuss specific opportunities.

We’ll schedule a discovery call to determine potential fit and your interest in the role.

If we agree that there’s a potential match, we will facilitate all interactions with the hiring company including: interview scheduling & prep,  travel logistics, negotiations, and employment agreements where applicable.

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